200928 – 60 minute facesitting training for the seat pad

I want to push this loser’s limits even further – and therefore his face will serve as a seat pad for me today for a full hour! And to make sure it’s comfy for me as well, I’ll again lock him in the smotherbox for this training session. I’ve brought my phone and a good book to keep me entertained while he’s suffering under my ass. In the beginning, he can still take it pretty well, but after a while he’s struggling more and more – even more when I only give him very short breathing breaks – or don’t get up at all, but only lift one of my butt cheeks a little so he can get a tiny bit of air – before I sit down again! And no amount of struggling, moaning or begging will help him – I wouldn’t care about a real chair’s well-being – so I don’t care about his well-being either! And let’s be honest – even surviving a full hour under my ass isn’t sufficient yet – to really use him as a full-time chair replacement, he’ll have to endure much longer under my sexy butt! I think he’ll need a lot more – and a lot harder training – still!
60 minute facesitting training for the seat pad
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