200930 – My claws and heels destroy your inflatables

I’ve something special planned for your most favorite inflatables … for some of them, I’ll use my sexy high heels to cover them in holes … but for some of the others, I’ve brought my new metal claws … they’re really points and razor-sharp – and your inflatables will have no chance against them! Let’s see what damage they can do … shall we start with this swim ring? It’s hard to even pick them up without damaging them already … but if I’m very careful, I can scratch the plastic a little bit, before the claws dig into the plastic and destroy your inflatable. And my high heels can crush your inflatables just as easily … and it’s just a matter of luck if they simply punch a straight hole into the plastic or if they rip a gaping hole into them … not that it really matters in the end … you don’t think you’ll get them back to repair them, do you?!
My claws and heels destroy your inflatables
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