201088 – He has to smell 3 weeks worn rancid socks

Before going for a last run in these rancid socks, I’ve put the slave in the bondage bag. This final run was the grand finale for these socks – that I’ve worn for 3 full weeks. They’re so disgusting – I had to put them in a sealed plastic bag in another room every night – I couldn’t stand the smell! And now this loser gets them pressed on his nose and is unable to escape the extreme smell. I sit down on his stomach and lean back – getting my nose as far away from these socks as possible, while I rest them on his face. He’s obviously completely disgusted, but it’s just too much fun for me to see him suffer like that! But I don’t like that he can get a little bit of air through his mouth – so I grab some duct tape and seal his mouth. I want him to only breathe through his nose and these rancid socks!
He has to smell 3 weeks worn rancid socks
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