201473 – ARIEL – ‘Bikini Tax’ – BRUTAL Facekicking And Facestomping POV – NON STOP

Bratty model Ariel has tomorrow a bikini competition and she probes her tiny bikinis at home to be ready. Her old pathetic houseslaves look at her drooling and she gets annoyed feeling their eyes on her perfect body! Ariel believes that they must pay a ‘Bikini Tax’ in domination and humiliation!Cruel Ariel goes over her slave and with a totally natural expression, she starts to KICK and STOMP the face of her slave, very hard! Her leg raises high and her foot lands on her slave’s face with, breaking it! Ariel kicks and stomps her slave brutally and non stop, the poor slave instead of his Mistress in a bikini he can see just the sole of her foot raises and lands on his face hard! Ariel keeps her foot on his face and crushes it like a cigarette, just to keep the hard kicks coming! She really has a high tax for the view of her in bikini and she totally worths it!
ARIEL - 'Bikini Tax' - BRUTAL Facekicking And Facestomping POV - NON STOP
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