201542 – GABRIELLA & SCARLET – Breakfast time – Hard foot domination

Beautiful cruel Gabriella and Scarlet love to start the day drinking a good coffee and having a slave under Their feet to dominate and humiliate. They put Their feet on his face using him as a human footstool while They chat and enjoy Their coffee. After a while They get in a more sadistic mood and They start to play with him: They order him to take his tongue out and start to massage Their feet rubbing Their soles over his tongue, again and again, without pauses. The slave can not rest even one second, he must lick Their soles all the time. The slave is treated like an object, his face just a place to put Their feet to rest, his tongue just a tool for massage Their feet. Sometime They press his neck or They mash and squeeze his face under Their feet while he licks, just to make his footlicker job harder. They also kick and slap his face just for fun, laughing at him while he suffers.
GABRIELLA & SCARLET - Breakfast time - Hard foot domination
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