201767 – GABRIELLA – A footstool doesn’t move 2 – BRUTAL face kicking, face as a footstool

Arrogant snob Gabriella wants to relax sitting on the couch and checking Her phone, but She doesn’t want to put Her feet on the cold floor so She uses Her slave’s face as a footstool, raising Her legs and putting Her feet on his face. She feels that is face is soft and warm, the perfect place to rest Her feet! All the weight of Her legs is on his face crushing it, his neck hurts for that position but She doesn’t care, She want to be comfortable! She pretends that he stays perfectly still, like a real footstool, but after some times he moves a little, because of the pain at his neck. She gets upset and starts to kick and stomp his face very hard, a lot of times! Then She continues to use him but after a while She moves again, so She kicks and stomps his face more strong! Finally he learned the lesson and didn’t move, but She kicks him again, just for fun!
GABRIELLA - A footstool doesn't move 2 - BRUTAL face kicking, face as a footstool
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