201374 – Your final day in my trash can

Well, how’s life down there? Deep in my trash can, covered in garbage and dirt?! Did you eat up yesterday’s trash already?! Lady Nora visits me today and you’ll get an extra big load of trash today … because today is your final day! Before I explain to you, what’s going to happen tomorrow, we’ll feed you with a lot of disgusting garbage. First you get a cigarette butt from me, then the organic waste from my kitchen … tons of vegetable scraps and peelings, coffee pads, eggshells … and then it get’s worse! Next up is my bathroom trash, the regular garbage can, the content of my vacuum cleaner, 2 ashtrays filled to the brim and some plastic trash – maybe you can lick out something from the food packaging?! We garnish all of that with some spit and then explain to you what’s coming next! I’ve flirted a little bit with the guys from the garbage collection … and tomorrow I can empty my trash can into the garbage truck myself … and also use the press inside! Of course, I’m going to dump you, with all the trash, into the truck. Do you like the idea how I’m going to smile when I press the start button of the garbage press? Laugh and flirt with the guys while you’re going to be crushed by the press?! Enjoy your last night … garbage collection comes early tomorrow!
Your final day in my trash can
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