201442 – ARIEL – ‘All For The Money’ – BRUTAL Trampling Under Flat Sandals

Today a very beautiful girl came to the house, her name is Ariel and she looks so sweet and sexy. She is like an angel so we hope that she will not hurt us. But we were proved wrong many times about the new bitches, so we are very careful now with her…I still cannot believe that this Ariel gave me double money just to lick her sandals, she is so sweet and good! But while I do these thoughts, she tells me that for these money the shoe licking and cleaning is not enough! I have to do more! I am confused and sad, she tells me to lay on the floor and she comes over me and starts to trample me under her sandals! She is very cruel, she kicks and stomps my body and face while she stands on me, she tramples my dick and crushes my throat! She stands on my face many times, crushing it under her sandals, it is so painful! Ariel is very cruel, she makes me lick her shoes again while standing on my chest and she kicks my face some more and crushes it like a cigarette. Finally she goes of me and commands me to remove her shoes, as I try not to cry…
ARIEL - 'All For The Money' - BRUTAL Trampling Under Flat Sandals
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