201582 – ARIEL – ‘Mafia’ – Sneakers Worship, Sock and Foot Domination

NEW GIRL!!!Bratty Ariel is the 18 years old step-daughter of a mafia boss and she is very crazy and sadistic! She asked from her step-father that, when he has to ‘clear’ somebody, is better to spare his life and give him to her to make him her slave and has her fun! Her step-father cannot say no to her and Ariel plays with her boytoys, enjoying every second!Sexy Ariel returns home and her slave waits for her on his knees for orders. He knows that he owns his life to her and he does what she says. Ariel calls him and commands to lick the street dirt from her sneakers. He does his best to make them shinny, but his Mistress is not so happy from his job and kicks his face hard!Ariel commands him to remove her sneakes and she dominates him covering his face under her socks. She plays with his face and she him under her socks, having fun with her pathetic slave. She commands him to remove her socks and she makes him her footbitch, commanding him to lick her sweaty feet and dominating him under them! Ariel gets bored of him, so she tramples his face hard before she leaves him down there!
ARIEL - 'Mafia' - Sneakers Worship, Sock and Foot Domination
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