201586 – ARIEL – ‘Sadistic Fantasy’ – You Are My Shoeslut! – Shoe Worship And Domination

Ariel always had fantasies with older men…but not like the other girls! Ariel always had dreams to dominate men much older that her and see them suffer under her command! At her 18 years old she realized that is so easy to do it, as there are so many pathetic slaves, whilling to crawl at her feet and do whatever she wants!Ariel is looking stunning and relaxes on the couch, having her new shoebitch at her feet. She wears her sexy black high heels and she wants them clean, so she commands the old slave to start licking the dirt off! The pathetic loser starts to lick the streetdirt like the best food of his life and Ariel smiles and fucks his mouth with the heels. She loves to her slave under her heels, so she kicks him on the floor and takes the full control with her high heels on his face!
ARIEL - 'Sadistic Fantasy' - You Are My Shoeslut! - Shoe Worship And Domination
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