201781 – Gabri 0321 Party Sw-1

Marvellous cruel Gabriella comes back home after a party. She had a lot of fun, dancing all night long, while Her slave was at home working for Her, and now She wants to relax using him in different ways…Divine Gabriella danced for long time and Her shoes collected a lot of dirt, ash,dust and also a cigarette butt stucked in Her sole, and of course now She wants them clean. She orders Her slave to take his tongue out and starts to rub Her filthy soles on it, the cigarette butt goes into his mouth and She orders him to SWALLOW it, then She keeps using his tongue as a welcome mat. Again She orders him to SWALLOW the dirt, he starts to beg Her but She is merciless, She kicks and stomps his face very hard until he obeys. When Her shoes are clean She notices that also the floor is dirty, so She orders him to lie down, She rubs Hes shoes in the dirt and She makes him clean them AGAIN! As a final task She orders him to lick also the floor!
Gabri 0321 Party Sw-1
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