201839 – Face in the floor smells stinky office nylons

Lady Nora and I want to have some fun after work. After a full day in the office wearing closed high heels our nylon feet are really sweaty and stinky – and with the slave’s face in the floor, he won’t be able to escape our feet. We take off our pumps and start rubbing our moist sweaty feet over his face and make him smell them. The loser is moaning in disgust as the intense foot odor of our 4 feet creeps into his nose, but that only makes it more fun for us! Lady Nora even makes him hold his hands up in the air, so she can rest her jacket on top – and we make him lick the filthy soles of our shoes before pressing our nylon feet back on his nose! Or maybe we should just stand on his face and crush it under our foot soles?!
Face in the floor smells stinky office nylons
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