Me and three friends of mine want to have fun this evening, and in the bad weather have a soft drink to warm us up. We enter this new place, and we clean our dirty and wet boots on a human doormat. While we are at the counter waiting for the bartender to prepare something for us, we decide to call the doormat at the entrance to liven up the situation a bit. He comes on all fours, and we make him lie at our feet. We put our boots on him, and in the meantime we scold the bartender for his slowness. Finally here is our soft drink, and the party begins. We mistreat the doormat more and more, we hit him, we trample on him, we crush his face. His moans mix with our laughter. Then it’s the bartender’s turn. Now we are excited and no one has a way out. We put him on his knees, slap him, scratch him, mock him, and spit the drink in his face. The two slaves are exhausted, it is the sound of the bell that saves them…
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