202010 – Goddess says: “GOON AND ESCALATE!” 2

Hahahaha but you couldn’t let it go for long until the next Grave grabbed you… you have such a longing to goon and binge again! And with the face of your fetish goddess, it’s a must to drive your brains out and masturbate to it. My ruthless brain fucks will have you addicted, addicted for MORE! It’s just too hot to be such a complete idiot – STUPID AND HAPPY! You enjoy being a real abuse victim! MY victim, who I let fall from one trap to the next just for my amusement! And you love being this jerk-off zombie that I continually seduce to just not stop and completely take off! MEAN? No – AWESOME!! …otherwise you wouldn’t be jerking off so sickly hard…always such a loser! And today you can show me how horny, stupid and happy being the biggest idiot of them all makes you – ESCALEATE! You need to escalate, go beyond your own boundaries and completely shit yourself while I’m laughing at you! You have to laugh at how instinctively you let me turn you into an even more disturbed victim of addiction… and you’ve already downed the first "quickie". Hahahahaha it’s funny, goon, let yourself be brain dead and laugh while jerking off your cock and mind more and more! *Cheers to your demise*
Goddess says:
Go to Store “Lady Cary”