201998 – He has to worship my stinky tennis feet

Lady Kim: I press my dirty, smelly tennis socks into his slave face.I’m pissed. Some bitch attacked me today at tennis and the locker room at the tennis club was packed with chicks. I now want to take out my aggression on my slave. Of course he waits tied up and with his mouth taped shut on the floor of the Lady House. As a greeting he can first sniff my tennis sneakers. Then I take off my shoes and press my dirty, stinky tennis socks into the slave’s face. He should sniff and smell until he feels sick. The soles of my socks are totally dusty and dirty. All the chicks in the locker room left their dirt on the floor and that chick dirt is now stuck under my socks. This mix of sock sweat and dirt from all the players now belongs directly on his face. I’ll also take a few photos of it for the girls. That will be the topic of conversation tonight.After losing a tennis match and this ******an, smelly locker room with 20 other girls, I still feel like dominating a victim under my big, unwashed feet (shoe size 43). Since the munf is glued to my foot pads, he has to smell my foot scent, the foot sweat from my sports day and he gets to feel my frustration. I love letting him suffer under the pressure and scent of my feet, I love his whining. However, it would be a waste to use foot slaves just to get rich. Ultimately, I will also have his tongue cleaned of my sweaty tennis feet. I’m sending this video to my sports friends and you have to see it too 🙂
He has to worship my stinky tennis feet
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