204395 – Slave’s hands crushed while I’m on the phone

While I’m on the phone with a friend – the slave’s kneeling on the floor and I walk back and forth over this hands and fingers. The mean tread and the hard heels of my boots cause him a lot of pain – but I instructed him clearly to be quiet and not to disturb my phone call. And he tries his best to keep quiet, although that’s getting more and more difficult as I continue to walk and stand on his hands, crush his fingers under my heels and leave imprints from the boots’ treads all over his hands! After a few minutes, my friend notices the screams of pain in the background, and I explain to her what I’m doing right now … so I make the slave tell her on the phone that it’s his free will to be tormented by me! And since she’s pretty fed up with men currently … I spontaneously invite her to come over and give the slave the same treatment!
Slave's hands crushed while I'm on the phone
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