204265 – The Caning Massage 1 – Lady Pascal

today we start with another special double feature starring beautiful german pro dom lady pascal. she is dressed in leather and an old client appears dressed in a dressing gown. i read outside that here is a massage salon he says. special massage lady pascal answers taking off his gown and ordering him to lay down flat on the special massage bank. first part of massage is to straighten the body a lil bit so she puts his hands into shackles and stretch him a lil bit. then she starts with the special massage which means that she gets out a swishy cane. first she starts with some soft strokes, but soon her strokes get harder and harder. this is no massage, this is ************ the client says, but whatever he says now he is helpless under the cane of the female sadist. lady pascal enjoys this special massage a lot, smiling most of the time while she makes his skin redder and redder with her swishy cane! this is good for your health, trust me!.
The Caning Massage 1 - Lady Pascal
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