Custom video:For the video, please wear the black spandex catsuit. Over the catsuit, wear a sweater with long sleeves a white skirt and boots. Since most of the spandex catsuit is covered, it looks like you just have pantyhose on. The sexiness comes from the surprise that you have a full spandex suit on underneath. Your hair is also in a ponytail and glasses with red lipstick. You are my private tutor after school and I am your student. It is our first lesson together. You start the lesson, but you notice I’m distracted by your legs. You then take off your skirt and then your sweater. Keep the boots on, please. You see I’m really aroused and tell me to unzip my pants and touch myself. Maybe if I cum, I won’t be so distracted and you can continue your lesson. You instruct and encourage me to masturbate and you touch yourself, too. We both climax and our lesson is over and you kiss goodbye….
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