CUSTOM REQUEST – You’re having a busy day and you are getting ready to leave to run errands. You’re on the couch sending emails on your phone and you have your black leather boots next to you. Your slave suddenly comes in naked and horny wanting some action. He grabs your black leather boots and starts jerking himself off with the boot. You quickly grab the boot away in anger as you have no time for games. He grabs the boot again and this time you decide you’ll play with your slave in the meantime. You have him sit on the couch, you wrap the boot around his cock and start jerking him off with your boot. After that you have your slave put your boot on for you. You put your leg over his lap sticking his cock between your legs and he starts humping your leather boots. You have more emails to send… You order him down on his knees and to fuck your boots from the front. You stand up and order him to get behind you and fuck your boots until he cums. You’re angry now that he got cum all over your boots and demand him to take off your boots immediately.
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