204526 – GABRIELLA – One day at ‘Le Prisonnier club’ – Boot trampling, boot worship

Wonderful Gabriella wanted to try something new, so She decided to go to a BDSM club: Le Prisonnier (Located in Brescia, Italy). The club is full of toys that Gabriella was enthusiastic to try, and also there was a new slave to torment. She had a lot of fun, and this series of clips is the report of the day.While She has a drink cruel wonderful Gabriella commands Her slave to lick the street dirt from Her boots! He obey and starts methodicaly to lick the dirt from the soles, cleaning them from the street grime! Gabriella looks at him satisfied and disgusted at the same time, She loves to see this pathetic slave licking Her soles. After a while She orders him to suck the tip. The slave obeys but She thinks he is not doing a good job, so She pushes the shoe in and out, very deep, fucking his mouth. She also loves to see Her pathetic slave sucking Her heels as deeply as he can: She pushes them down his throat, like She is fucking his mouth with them. Then She want to trample him and She walks all over his body, She doesn’t have any mercy, digging Her heels deep into his flesh enjoying his suffering. After a while She orders him to lick Her soles, rubbing them over his tongue as if it were a doormat.
GABRIELLA - One day at 'Le Prisonnier club' - Boot trampling, boot worship
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