204590 – GABRIELLA – One day at ‘Le Prisonnier club’ – BRUTAL trampling in fashion stockings

Wonderful Gabriella wanted to try something new, so She decided to go to a BDSM club: Le Prisonnier (Located in Brescia, Italy). The club is full of toys that Gabriella was enthusiastic to try, and also there was a new slave to torment. She had a lot of fun, and this series of clips is the report of the day.Wonderful Gabriella wants to try again Her new human carpet, this time wearing sexy fishnet stockings: She tramples all over his chest, enjoying while he suffers. She stands on his face in many different positions, smothering him under Her lovely feet. Then She tramples and MARCHES on his dick for long time and full weight, whitout mercy. Sometime She slaps and stomps his face, just for fun. She reaches the highest cruelty JUMPING ON HIS HEAD, starting from the floor and landing on his face! And She does it many times, laughing while he suffers!
GABRIELLA - One day at 'Le Prisonnier club' - BRUTAL trampling in fashion stockings
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