204665 – Hard Cockwhipping – Mistress Cloe

next clip we have today featuring gorgeous lady mistress cloe. the prick of her pathetic slave was erected at least and she bound him tight in the cellar where he has to wait for his mistress coming back. now his prick is down again, but the erection he had has to be punished of course. some may have seen the last clip with mistress cloe and lady faye as the ladies whipped the poor slave on the gyn chair. so his legs are already nicely marked, but today he gets more. this time mistress cloe uses a firm riding crop thrashing it hardly on his legs making them even more redder as they are now! but what happens to his cock again? its raising up as he gets thrashed! what an idiot. but mistress cloe uses her riding crop also on his prick and it goes down under harsh strokes! the slave cries out loud under this treatment, but this makes mistress cloe even more angry and the more she is angry the harder she beats this stupid idiot!
Hard Cockwhipping - Mistress Cloe
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