204636 – Caning The Plugged Ass – Madame Eva Liliel Black

As so often in life, everything starts with a smile and a healthy laugh. Less often we start the day with a stuffed ass. But everyone is different. It feels like our dear slave is carrying half his household effects around with him when Madame Eva-Liliel takes him for a walk with a chain at his nipples. This feeling can certainly be intensified a little on the buttocks. Here will be whipped and beaten until the bars, sorry, legs bend. Our poor little friend here has already had a lot of hardship behind him. It’s not for nothing that the legs, thighs and ass look like the map of the Nile Delta. And so, it ends as it began. With a courageous smile and a loud laugh. Unfortunately, only one laughs here!
Caning The Plugged Ass - Madame Eva Liliel Black
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