204714 – Driving with my foot fetishist employee

Just before leaving the office, I notice one of my employees is still in the office – so I offer to take him to the train station. I know this guy can’t keep his eyes off my shoes and feet – especially when I’m driving – and I love to play with that. I decide to tease him even more, by taking off my shoes in front of him, giving him the shoes to feel the soft leather and then get into the car with my sweaty feet and no shoes. While I’m driving the car, he can hold my shoes and I even encourage him to stick his nose into them! When we finally arrive, I order him to come to the driver’s side and give my feet a few kisses to thank me for driving him – this foot fetishist must be in heaven! This is a non-exclusive custom clip for a fan. If you want me to do a custom clip for you, send me an email to marissa@madamemarissa.com!
Driving with my foot fetishist employee
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