204649 – Venus In Furs – The Caning – Mistress Cloe

here we have the filming of a classic bdsm theme series with gorgeous mistress cloe. we go back here with this series to the roots in history where famous austrian author leopold sacher masoch wrote the novel that later created the name "masochism" called "venus in furs".to him the combination of a beautiful mistress dressed in furs willing to apply pain to him was his goddess and fantasy. this series is about this theme cuz our venus in furs is mistress cloe here and she will dish out some severe punishments in three parts in this serious. one is more painful then the other. today its up to the goddess to dish out a very severe caning and if we talk about very severe you can trust us – it is indeed one of the most severe caning punishment we ever taped. of course the mistress breaks a cane in this clip and its needless to say that the bare ass of her slave is really damaged after her treatment. and as we can see in the cruel smile mistress cloe loves every minute of it.
Venus In Furs - The Caning - Mistress Cloe
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