204739 – ELECTRA – ‘Life Underfoot’ – Shoe And Foot Domination and Facetrampling – FULL CLIP

Tattooed beauty Electra returns home, looking gorgeous in her sexy dress and red high heels. Her slave waits for her in the facebox as he is ordered and Electra goes over him and uses him as her rug, cleaning her shoes from the dirt using his tongue. Of course Electra cannot resist and she his face under her sexy shoes, twisting the sole on it and fucking his mouth with the heel. She dominates him and tramples his face under her shoes and the poor slave doesn’t even moan, as he knows that if he does he will get harder punishment!Her shoes are clean, but Electra wants to have some more fun. She removes her high heels and she stands barefoot on the facebox, with the slave’s face looking up at her. She makes him lick her sweaty feet clean and she footgags him hard when her toes are into his mouth. Electra tramples his face and stands on it full weight and she stomps and kicks it while she runs her soles on his extended tongue!
ELECTRA - 'Life Underfoot' - Shoe And Foot Domination and Facetrampling - FULL CLIP
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