204548 – Cruel Torment On The Rack – Mistress Cloe

today we have another masterpiece here starring mistress cloe. dressed in expensive hot outfit of leather she announces that she is pretty satisfied with her slave today, so he gets a reward. well, a reward depends on the perspective, cuz when beeing a slave of a cruel lady, reward usually means punishment or ************. so our cruel goddess is bound tight to a ************ rack, his body well exposed to the cruelty of his mistress.first she attaches some nice nipple clamps and then some clamps on his chest. she is pretty satisfied with this but she is even more happy when she slaps of the clamps. first with her leather gloved hands, then using a rubber cane. the poor slave is shaking all the time cuz he is very afraid of the ************ methods of mistress cloe. next she ripps of the nipple clamps after twisting with the clamps a lil bit, but the time without pain is just short for her victim cuz next she applies some harder clamps with weights to his nipples.but what about the exposed legs of the slave? they look like a virgin, so mistress cloe takes out a strap to apply some burning welts on the skin.more ************ follows with a riding crop and a cat o nine tails until mistress cloe is satisfied. long ************ clip! class a femdom action as usual!
Cruel Torment On The Rack - Mistress Cloe
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