204821 – ELECTRA – ‘Record Company’ – Office Domination – Lick My High Heels And My Feet Clean, Slave! FULL CLIP

This is the FULL CLIP, for the Shoe Worship or the Foot Worship part, visit:ELECTRA – ‘Record Company’ – Office Domination – Lick My Fashion High Heels Clean, Slave!ELECTRA – ‘Record Company’ – Office Domination – Lick My Feet, Slave!Electra is the beautiful only step-daughter of a very rich businessman and she loves the rock and gothic music. She is a really polular rock Princess, known for her crazy parties and way of life. But many also know that Electra is not only superbeautiful and highly intelligent, but also a sadistic bitch that loves to dominate and humiliate her slaves, especially the older ones! She owns already a record company and when she spends her times at the office, she has her male secretaries to serve every desire and cruel fantasy she has!Electra just listened some demos from some new bands and she is thinking about who to sign. She relaxes her legs on the desk while she sits on the office chair, she wears some fantastic fashion high heels and she realizes that they need some cleaning. She calls her slave and commands him to worship her shoes, as she relaxes back and inspects his job. She guides him how to lick while the slave does his best to clean his shoes!After finishing the shoe shinning with his tongue, Electra commands her slave to remove them and start worshiping her perfect creamy feet. He licks carefully and methodically her beautiful clean soles and he sucks her thin long toes, following her instructions. Electra takes the control and wipes her feet all over his face, massaging them, while he keeps licking her soles to moisturize them! Amazing office foot worship and domination by Electra!
ELECTRA - 'Record Company' - Office Domination - Lick My High Heels And My Feet Clean, Slave! FULL CLIP
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