204654 – Training The Sexslave – Ezada Sinn

today we have another phantastic clip starring mistress ezada. she is dressed in tight latex with rubber gloves. she teases her slave that is bound to a pillory by massaging his cock that is soon very errected. she also puts her finger into his mouth ordering him to suck.she asks the slave "do you want to come?" "yes mistress" and rubbing his shaft more. the slave moans and seems already ready to cum, but he is not allowed now. "beg me to touch you more slave" she says smiling at him.she will interrupt his cuming for a few more times over and over so the slave is now really in pain cuz he want to cum but he is not allowed.in the end the slave cannot hold it anymore and he cums with a big moaning. mistress ezada is satisfied with her victim now.
Training The Sexslave - Ezada Sinn
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