204950 – GABRIELLA – The human table – Shoe worship

Cruel Gabriella is never bored to find new sistems for tormenting Her footslave… Now She gets a new toy: it is a table that that opens in half and has a hole to trap his head in the middle of it. Amazing Gabriella comes back home after a walk and wants the soles of Her shoes clean, they are filthy from the dirt of the streets but She doesn’t care and She pretends a perfect cleaning: The slave is locked in Her new toy, She sits on the couch and orders him to lick Her soles, looking at him like he were an insect while he swallows the dirt. She also orders him to suck the heels, as deeper as he can, fucking his mouth with them. Then She keeps using his tongue like a rug until Her shoes are perfectly clean.
GABRIELLA - The human table - Shoe worship
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