204964 – The Caning Therapy – Countess Stella & Mistress Nemesis

slaves, you know its sunday this clip starts with these words from cruel goddess countess stella. sunday, our caning therapy is indicated mistress nemesis goes on as they place one of the slaves on the caning bench.we do this just to help you with your problems you have. this is why we have to cane you to make it easier for you to get better slaves. so count the strokes out loud, did you understand slave? no reaction. you have to say yes doctor slave well, it seems, these slaves really needs some strokes to show out better behaviour. we do this also for science reason slaves and its good that you are there here so the science caning continues with vicious strokes on the bare ass of the slaves from both ladies. in the end both slaves have a nice muster on their asses from the cane strokes and the therapy is finished for today – til next time! superhot caning clip with a great story!
The Caning Therapy - Countess Stella & Mistress Nemesis
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