205070 – 13 minutes trampling pov

Miss Kinga: 13 Minutes trampling POVsI’ll crush you under my dirty sneakers.Hey, loser! You are now exactly where you belong. You are lying at my feet and I have a great desire to kick your slave face with my dirty sneakers. Now look carefully at what I do to you and what you have to endure. Lick the soles of my shoes and enjoy my kicks! Suffer for me, loser!You little wretch is still beneath me and I can do whatever I want with you. After you lick the dirty soles of my Nike sneakers again, I put my shoes on and press my smelly pink socks into your face. You will endure dominant kicks from me and I will stand on you with both feet and my entire weight. You will be crushed under my socks. Before that you can smell and lick my socks again.You’re already really keen on my sweet bare feet. But I will press my Srinke socks into your face again before I take off my socks. Afterwards you will get to feel my bare soles. I will trample under my bare feet. But that’s not enough. I will stand on your face completely, with my full weight and with both feet until you are broken. You will be crushed beneath me.
13 minutes trampling pov
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