205065 – Stinky after-workout toe socks for the slave

It’s really great the gym is heated so well during the winter months – that’s not only very comfortable for me … but also perfect to get nice stinky gym socks to torment the slave with! And for the last few workouts I’ve worn my special toe socks – they’re just perfect as every toe is completely engulfed in the socks’ fabric and the most-sweaty part between the toes gets to soak the socks with foot sweat as well. After taking off my gym shoes, I press them on the slave’s nose quickly, before I press my stinky socks on his nose. I make him sniff and also suck on my socks – and in the end, he has to lie down on the floor, I sit down on top of him and press both of my feet firmly on his face – the perfect rest after a long workout – just for me of course!
Stinky after-workout toe socks for the slave
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