205387 – Step****** fantasies

Well hello, right from the start you’re floored when you see that your own step****** is offering erotic content here… How long have you dreamed of being able to see me in action?! For years you’ve been secretly fantasizing about how hot it would be…with your step******…but that’s sick! Or?! You know that I’ve always been the bitch when we went out with your friends, they bought me one drink after another and I also bought one after another of your friends… well, you know how it was and how often you longed to be one of them too. But you just secretly fingered your boner under the bar table and were looking forward to masturbating to your fantasies at home. I’ve always noticed how you crave me every time we see each other… Won’t you tell me what you’re dreaming about? Don’t you want to reveal your fantasies to me? In our minds, everything is allowed…including THAT!
Step****** fantasies
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