Witness of Apex the iconic, deliciously sexy, and incredibly beautiful Reverse Facesitting! The glory of Facesitting Fetish hits heights previously thought impossible until this very video; and sexy, masterfully delivered action is absolutely nonstop!Madam Mysteria takes Her personal face seat and locks onto his face so tightly, its light out from the get go! He knows that when his Queen puts on her tiny black g-string, his place is to serve obediently underneath her perfect glutes! The rest of his life is set to be Her smother slave, and Mysteria knows it!She lives the true spirit of PlayObey with relentless, controlled, and ever Deep Face Riding, Grinding and Smothering that is absolutely mind blowing! She relishes in every Face Thrust she deals to his pathetic face, ignoring his cries & moans for mercy once his air runs out and panic sets in…just before she slams his face home once again to endure ultra Facesitting at is finest!Mysteria rides her perfect chair to near Knockout over and over again, keeping He
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