205508 – Giantess Fart Vore

Your obsession with my ass has gotten out of control. This feeling you have every time you see my ass just keeps growing. You’ll do ANYTHING to be near my asshole. You’ll risk being eaten by a Giant Goddess just like the others. I still have old skeletons from other ass sniffers left in my asshole. Jealous? Do you know what they had to do travel down my throat and live in my ass?You’ll do what they did only MORE! I’ve been very gassy today so you can start by inhaling all my rotten farts. I many nasty ones building up waiting for you fart boy. First you can sniff my nasty fart through my spandex shorts and earn one layer removed. One step closer to my asshole!The more you inhale my rotten farts then more layers I will remove. Do a good job and I’ll let you taste my asshole before I swallow you whole. I will need to take care of these little men stuck in my asshole before I replace them with you.
Giantess Fart Vore