205549 – Slave’s face turned into full-time office chair

I’ve ordered my slave to visit me in the office … but he doesn’t know why I ordered him here yet! I show him my office and then show him the box that’s standing under my desk … where normally an office chair would be … I order him to lie down on the box – because from now on, I’ll use his face as my new office chair. It really bothered me, that I couldn’t use him while I work – and only using the slave in my free time before and after work didn’t seem like a good use of the resource! Now he’ll spend all day under my sexy ass, getting smothered by it and getting his face flattened by my full weight – while I’m doing my office work. And I not only get to enjoy a comfy seat, but also a heated one as well – just perfect for the still cold weather! Obviously, there’s some training necessary until he’s suitable to serve my butt a full workday – and this training starts now!
Slave's face turned into full-time office chair
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