205592 – Worship The Boots Of The Bikerlady – Mistress Cloe

today we start a new series with mistress cloe. we call this series the bikerlady cuz this is mistress cloes dress in this series. she wears a leather biker jacket, leather trousers and leather boots.as she comes in in this first clip she comes into her playroom while her naked slave is already waiting for her. she first misuses him as a human footstool but soon he is ordered to go on all fours. my boots are dirty slave. get into work mistress cloe says. and for all who dont know this mistress so far, we can say, that she has a very sharp voice that doesnt accept any objection from a slave. so our slave starts to lick the boots as ordered, but wtf? this stupid moron starts with the soles so mistress cloe lectures him that he has to start on the top, cuz when he start with the soles all the dirt from it will get on the leather later on.our slave is ordered next to bring her cigarettes and enlighten the cigarette for her. so she enjoys it now to smoke while the slave continue with the licking. poor slave has forget to bring an ashtray so its up to him now to be used as her personal human ashtray.
Worship The Boots Of The Bikerlady - Mistress Cloe
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