205598 – School Girl Farts

I’m so glad to get home! What a long day and I really need to relax. Actually the truth is I’m super gassy . I’ve been holding these nasty farts all day long and my stinky asshole can’t hold any longer. I’m sure you don’t mind since I see you gooning to my ass all the time so if I’m gonna let you get that close to my asshole you have to sniff my farts haha. A pervert like you I’m sure will get addicted. Seeing me in my cute skirt and no panties will make you do anything, even become my personal fart boy. One thing I really want you to do is edge, go slow and really stare at my asshole first. I want you to see every line in my butthole and watch me push out some farts. Maybe I’ll let you taste a fart or two 1 inch deep.
School Girl Farts