205423 – GABRIELLA & GAIA – Full weight facesitting and smothering

Divine Gabriella met with one of Her best friends, the beautiful Mistress Gaia! They have planned to spend a day together in the Gaia’s dungeon having fun with some slaves and this series of clips is the report of the day.One game that Beautiful cruel Gabriella and Scarlet really love is to smother Their slave under Their perfect asses. First They tied him in a sling, his arms and legs are blocked ad he his totally at Their mercy, then They sit on his face, smothering him for long time. They change positions on him and dominate him with breath control, sitting and shaking Their asses on his face, giving him just few seconds to breathe and ignoring him while he struggles… Sometime They bounce on his face, laughing while he suffers. The slave begs for mercy but They keep doing Their game again and again. In the end They also smother him using Their hands and sometime They slap his pathetic face just for fun.
GABRIELLA & GAIA - Full weight facesitting and smothering
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