205653 – Trampled before and after jogging

I start to trample the slave’s body under my Asics running shoes and use this trampling as a little warmup for my feet and legs, because I want to go running in a few minutes! I trample all over this loser’s body and head for a few minutes and cover his skin in shoe prints … then I head out for a long run. While I’m out jogging this loser will wait for me … because that was only the first part of his suffering. I order him to lie down again and step on him again, taking my running shoes off right away, because now I want to trample him under my sweaty socks. Obviously, I’m going to concentrate the trampling on his head now – so his nose is always close to my stinky socks and I can make him smell them while hurting him under my weight!
Trampled before and after jogging
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