205727 – Venus In Furs – Superhard Flogging – Mistress Cloe

today we have another part of our venus in furs series starring beautiful german dom mistress cloe. some already saw the final part where she whips her victim with snake whips and bullwhips without any mercy and hesitation.this part here contains again very severe punishment for the slave that is bound with his naked body exposed to his cruel goddess, arms raised in the air.mistress cloe works his body all over with floggers and cat o nine tails leaving no part of his body untouched.and as beeing a real natural sadist she really loves it to make her slave scream and he will in this clip. although he can take a lot of punishment and although floggers and cats are not as hard as bullwhips he sings the melody of pure pain and agony!classic punishment clip with a gorgeous german goddess!
Venus In Furs - Superhard Flogging - Mistress Cloe
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