205914 – Laundry bag full of stinky, sweaty socks

I’ve locked the slave in the smotherbox once again … but I won’t smother him today. I’ve collected my worn socks and nylons for a while now – and I even had to put the laundry bag into an airtight plastic bag, so I don’t have to smell it constantly. And now I’ll remove the plastic bag and the slave will get to smell all of them. There are all kinds of stinky socks inside, from gym socks, over office nylons to thick hiking socks … and on top of all these, there are the socks I’ve just worn for a run … and I’ve worn these for 2,5 weeks already! In the end I simply cover the loser’s face with all of the socks and then stand on top of the stinky pile … he won’t get to escape this smell any time soon!
Laundry bag full of stinky, sweaty socks
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