Say farewell to your past life as a man, as you embark on a journey of becoming a beta boy. Prepare to be the epitome of inadequacy, forever condemned to a life devoid of female attention. Embrace your pathetic existence, for it is all you deserve. No more alpha thoughts, only beta boy vibes from now on. Say goodbye to your social life, loser. You’re destined to spend your days jerking off to porn while begging for any bit of attention from women. Women won’t give you the time of day unless you shower them with gifts and tributes. The meager attention women grant you will forever leave you yearning for more, like a hungry soul at an endless banquet. Your puerile beta boy existence revolves around female attention, how pitiful. It’s a cruel joke, isn’t it? You work so hard just to afford some female attention, all while jerking off in solitude. Keep chasing that unattainable dream, you sad little man. This is your life now.
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