205959 – Extremely disgusting street dirt licked off my boots

These boots are pretty new still … but I’ve a really busy day today and I’ll use it to prepare the boots properly for the slave, who will lick them clean tonight! You can follow me around all kinds of dirty places, dirty public toilets, a shopping mall, escalators, parking lots, downtown sidewalks and muddy walkways in the park. And who knows what I’m going to step in over the course of the day? Cigarette butts, spat out chewing gums, food scraps, or even worse? I also take a smoke break where I spit on the floor and then crush the spit and my cigarette under my boot soles before I meet the slave. I order him to start licking the filth covered soles and then tell him about my day … tell him where these boots walked today and what disgusting things might be stuck to the boot soles. He’s extremely disgusted and really struggles to cope with the disgusting movie I place in his head … but there won’t be mercy … he won’t be allowed to stop until these boot soles are absolutely clean again!
Extremely disgusting street dirt licked off my boots
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