207405 – He is my human chair

I am a businesswoman. I spend many hours in front of my computer. I’m going for a walk so my slave can get a good look at me and see a real Goddess. Do I deserve to sit in just any chair for hours on end? Of course not. He must know that when I sit here for hours I only think of using him for my own benefit. He knows I’m going to use him as a chair. Putting my ass in his face is what I really deserve. He must be clear about one thing though: he must not bother me, move or interrupt me when I’m working. He’s only good to be sat on and be my fucking human chair! Me doing what I do every day, watching the sale of all my hot videos, the tributes they send me, and him on the floor being my chair without hardly being able to breathe I love humiliating him like this! He is pathetic and knows this is the only way he can feel useful to his Goddess. I have a lot of work to do and he’s going to have a good time putting his face on for me to smash it in with my ass. I will always be all over him! (Clip language: English/Spanish)
He is my human chair
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