202615 – Bethany’s Golden Sockjob Experience – Extended Version – Full HD 1080p Version

Bethany is a pretty little 18 year old princess who is driving me completely crazy with her pretty feet, and she seems to be enjoying more and more humiliating me with her super stinky feet! Her old running shoes make her feet so stinky, and this time she wore the same pair of white socks for over three weeks in the middle of summer during the heatwave, and now she intends to see me have a very bad time submitted to her pretty feet. She also visited our Dreamgirls in Socks site recently, to give herself some devilish ideas to make it even more difficult for me. She had the wonderful idea of ​​peeing in a spray bottle right before we did our session, and she may be planning to use it if I don’t follow her instructions very well. I’m going to have to be very diligent! Her spray bottle was filled with her hot pee, and I had no idea what she planned to do with it. It was very scary! Bethany now has all the power in her hands, and even though she’s only 18, she seems to know exactly how to use this wonderful power to dominate me!Bethany lay down in front of me on the couch with her two beautiful legs stretched out over me, and I was now ready to tend to her needs. She showed me again her spray bottle full of her hot pee, and threatened me again to obey her instructions if I didn’t want to suffer the consequences. She asked me to take off her old, stinky running shoes, and immediately put her two socked feet directly on my face! Her socks were soaked with sweat, and practically burned my face because they were so hot! It made her laugh, because the smell of her socks was so intense! The very strong smell of her dirty socks, on the other hand, gave me an instant very hard erection in my pants, and she could clearly feel my erection sliding gently between her two legs. She made me take deep breaths in her smelly socks, and it seemed to turn me on more and more! Bethany also asked me to lick her smelly dirty socks, so I had to lick them several times. At a certain point, Bethany found that I no longer had enough saliva to meet her needs and lick her feet. So she had to use her spray bottle, to send a few shots on the bottom of her dirty sock that she had on her right foot. The liquid was flowing freely on her dirty sock, so she then asked me to lick it well, and enjoy this moment. Her sock was now really wet with the nasty liquid, and was really hot. Now I had to lick her socks, but with that nasty liquid underneath. Bethany seemed to be having more and more fun humiliating me, but at a certain point, she still wasn’t satisfied. That’s when she asked me to open my mouth, and started sending a few shots of this spray, directly into my mouth. She then closed my mouth with her foot, so I really had no choice but to swallow this disgusting liquid. It was almost refreshing!Bethany started putting more and more liquid spray on the bottom of her socked feet, and it seemed to help clean them a little. The only small problem was that she kept asking me to lick her socks. I was so hard, it was turning me on more and more, and she clearly seemed to realize it! It’s really exciting to be dominated by this pretty little princess, and she seems to be having more and more fun doing it! She kept adding more and more spray under her socks, and also squirted some into my mouth a few times. It was getting more and more intense. I was so hard that my penis accidentally slipped between her two legs, and she had every intention of taking advantage of it. She asked me to kiss her feet in very stinky socks, very damp with this foul liquid, and to start masturbating with her left foot. I asked her if she liked her movie, and that’s when she decided to punish me just for asking her a question. She used her spray bottle again, sending a few shots directly into my mouth. She then made me to swallow this disgusting liquid, by placing her foot directly on my mouth. This little game excited me more and more! Bethany started masturbating me more and more intensely with her feet in socks, and I was really close to cumming! She once again used her spray bottle filled with her hot pee to send a few shots directly to my hard penis! Bethany then asked me to take one of her old sneakers and put it directly on my nose. She could now masturbate me with both feet, while my nose was buried deep in her old running shoe! The smell of her old running shoe was so bad, but that’s when she asked me to do my best to lick and clean the sole inside her old running shoe. The taste was really bad, but it made me so hard! Bethany started masturbating me harder and harder with both feet, and even though I tried to hold back from cumming, it was beyond my control! She was totally in control! She finally received a huge explosion of sperm on her two pretty feet in socks, very warm and very wet with her golden nectar, and that seems to have made her very satisfied! She then put both feet on my face, so she could finish her Netflix movie. This clip is definitely one of my favorite sessions on Dreamgirls in Socks! Very intense, and very sensual at the same time! It truly is a masterpiece! The full version of this great clip is currently 28 minutes long, and you know exactly where to find it!
Bethany's Golden Sockjob Experience - Extended Version - Full HD 1080p Version
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