207555 – Chastity slave training: increasing frustration

Chastity slave today I want to make it clear that we are just at the beginning of your frustration! I’m going to improve it even more! Now I want you to promise me that you will carry every weight for me, no matter how small. Of course the chastity cages are now getting smaller and smaller! And you will constantly think of me. But now let’s play an awesome game. No, you shouldn’t take the cage out now! Get your vibrator, try to excite your cock in the chastity! To do this, put on a silk scarf from me, tie it tightly around your neck and sniff it. I change the silk scarf because I’m just trying on silk scarves again. You get a certain amount of time from me to fiddle around with the vibrator on the cock cage. Then I’ll count you down to 0. Oh, it didn’t work even though you begged for an orgasm. Well opportunity wasted! Now you confess to me that you have fallen for me. Say it loud and clear…
Chastity slave training: increasing frustration
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