207579 – Goddess Castratix wants to play with you! 2

Well, you fucking loser?! My last clips have probably inspired you and every time you jerk off to them, the only thought that comes to mind is: "I want to destroy it!" "Want to have it rendered useless" "Completely ruined for every woman"! And rightly so! You are a total fuck failure and the only contact you have with women is at their feet! You pathetic bootlicker really want to be rendered completely useless!? Okay, then let’s start with the chemical approach first, you know: at least once a day to keep you calm! But if you’re not sure enough about this, we should use technical means to demonstrate it to you! Yes, it’s getting a little tighter, isn’t it?! The tight rubber ring around your balls…how they pulsate and turn blue…come on, you fuck failure, hold on! Soon it will be done…
Goddess Castratix wants to play with you! 2
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