207636 – WALL FUCKER

Sorry to break it to you, but Miss Deviant only has time for the gorgeous ones! Life’s cruel reminder that beauty attracts beauty, and you my friend, are just not on that level! You’re not even worthy of laying eyes on Miss Deviant. Go face the wall and suffer, as you kiss it, screw it, and disgrace yourself. Embrace your insignificance as you surrender to the cold, unfeeling wall. You’ll never be deserving of Miss Deviant’s touch. Just the echoes of her cruel laughter mocking your existence. Feast your eyes on her delectable ass, but beware the sting of her cruel words. Your desires will forever be a reminder of your insignificance. Some people enjoy sensual experiences, but you? You’re left with the taste of regret and misplaced desires on the very wall you used. How pathetic can one be?
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